Christmas & Book Awards Rooms 7-16s

Please see flyer for full information.

Christmas & Book Awards Rooms 1-6

Please see flyer for full information.

Open Class

Parent and Carers are invited to spend an afternoon with their child/ren wandering through their classrooms. Come and share in the children's excitement of showing you their learning journeys. Wed 7th Nov, 2.30-4.30pm

Parking Reminder

It would be appreciated if parents do not park in designated disabled parking bays unless you are the holder of a current ACROD sticker. Thank you for your consideration.

School Disco Menu – 31/8/2018

Nearly half of the school has RSVP. Please find the menu available on the day/night!

Congratulations To….

Congratulations gold slip winners

Book Week

Find your treasure this book week.

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